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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sarah's Christmas Farmhouse

If you haven't heard of Sarah's House, then you are missing a true gem!  She has her own show over at HGTV and new episodes are about to start up in January.  So don't miss her!  My favorite house that she has done, is her farmhouse.  I loved every inch of this house!  If you watch the show, she  adds a Canadian flair to the word house, and we always say "hoose" every time she says it!

Her farmhouse was featured in Canadian House and HomeIf you click on the link, there are other pics to make you drop your jaw at!

Canadian House and Home - Sarah Richardson

Here are some pics of the rest of the farmhouse.

I love the color combination in this room.  Those euro pillows are to die for!

Wouldn't you like to have a mudroom like this?  Very inspiring!

That isn't wallpaper you are looking at.  It is fabric!  When I was watching the show, I did not like this fabric, at all, until she put the whole room together.  Then I stepped back and said "Oh my goodness!  It is gorgeous!"  It is so unique and quirky.  I love stepping out on a limb and she definitely accomplished that!

Love those ceilings!  So, set those DVR's for Sarah's House on HGTV.  Go ahead and tape the old ones too.  The farmhouse may be on! 


  1. Love, love, love Sarah's House! My favorite is her kitchen and the mud room! I love her flea market finds and the antique furniture she finds is fantastic!

  2. You are right and I agree that her best house is this one. So lovely.

  3. I ADORE Sarah Richardson! I have watched her in all the different shows she's had on HGTV over the years and the Farmhouse is my absolute favorite. I think I loved every single room! The dining room would have to be my least favorite but honestly what's not to love about that one as well? Thanks for showing these amazing pictures. Think I'll go check out the rest!

  4. Glad to have found your blog! I am following you now, I am a big fan of Sarah's style too. She is a master at putting patterns together and still creating a light look. Come on over and say hi!

  5. I love how she hung the window treatments outside of the window seat - I need to do this in our playroom. What a cozy little spot that makes!

  6. I love Sarah's house and I love this farmhouse. I love the dining room and her bedroom the most. It has been so much fun to watch, can't wait for her next project!
    Also , just found your blog and it is darling!

  7. She is my VERY FAVORITE! I have loved her from the beginning of her tv career. She started out with a sweet little how-to show. Lots of design tricks and projects...she's come such a long way. AND how exactly is she saying house with a Canadian flair?? house, house, house....sounds normal to me!? lol
    best wishes from CANADA!

  8. Oh how beautiful! I have never heard of her, so thanks.

  9. Does anyone know where to get the terracota curtains outside the window seat? I'm obsessed.


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