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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The SampleHouse

Oh, how I love The SampleHouse.  Let me count the ways!!  This is the best little shop EVER!!  I can find the most unique gifts at this store.  My family and friends have been coming here for years.

The displays alone will attract your attention.  I could browse this store for hours!

This whimsical pink creation was mesmerizing!  This would just be perfect in Kailey's room!

I love these sparkly houses! 

Look at this great nativity scene!  So different and unique!

How great would this lamp look in a gameroom?

I fell in love with these felt purses!  Lucky for me my mother was there, and she bought me one for Christmas!!

Loving this Christmas tree skirt!

Little Malone, my niece, was such a good little girl.  Not a peep out of her!

I hope everyone is recovering from all the Christmas yummies.  I know my tummy was on the fritz on Christmas day.  I had been eating such rich foods since about Wednesday, my stomach went in to shock and said NO MORE!! 

Now that I feel better, we have an exciting project going on in my neck of the woods!  We are laying new tile in our master bathroom!!!  Yea!  Here is the lowdown :
New Toilet
Laying tile flooring
Painting the walls
Painting the cabinets
Trimming the mirror with molding (if hubby can get to it)

That's a tall order, and we've never laid tile before!!  We will let you know how this goes for us.  Right now, I am off to bed for a good night's rest.  Sleep tight!


  1. I can see why you love that shop! I would so love it too and that bowling pin lamp is soooo adorable!!

  2. Hi Erin, just wanted you to know I linked back to you on my blog....I am participating in the what I wore Wednesday. I had to go back and find some of your posts to see who threw the parties. Thanks, it was fun to do:)

  3. Looks like a wonderful shop! I would love to visit!

  4. Where is this shop located? Looks like a great store!


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