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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old House Tour

I thought I'd create a post about my old house on Ashbrook Trail.  It's the place where I first started this blog and it saw lots of changes.  We lived there 8 years and made lots of memories there.  I loved that house so much! That house was definitely a diy house.  We did everything ourselves in that house and I loved every minute of it.  I hope you enjoy revisiting my old home.

Oh, how I loved this ladder!  I still get lots of emails about this ladder.  I was very sad when I couldn't find a place for it in my new home. 

I sure miss this granite.  I absolutely adored it when I first saw it.  It is Santa Cecilia granite.  You can go here to see the rest of the kitchen.

I recently sold this piece too.  It didn't fit in my new breakfast room.  But, I found something just as pretty and can't wait to show you.  You can go here for the rest of the Breakfast Room tour.

My Aunt LaTrelle and I made these curtains!  They stayed with the house when we moved.  The new owners absolutely loved them and I said they could stay.  

I love my faux mantle.  It has found a home in our new Master Bedroom and I think it adds such romance to the room.  You can go here to see the rest of the Living Room.

You can go here for the rest of the Master Bedroom tour.

We worked so hard on this room.  We tiled the floor, painted the cabinets and walls.  But, it was all worth it!  The before and after are such a dramatic change!


This is what she looked like when we moved.  We added shutters and a new door.

And this was our first Halloween in the house. 
I hoped you enjoyed the tour!
Many blessings,


  1. Oh your home is stunning and I love your style and decor. So sad the ladder had to go, it really is a fabulous piece and amazing in your old home. Now on to the new. Hugs, Marty

  2. I enjoyed this tour...your former kitchen and bath are ones that I use for inspiration for my own....love! Thanks for the look back! Sounds like you miss it!

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  6. Wow, what a gorgeous home :) I wish mine will be just as stylish! Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count fitted sheet or bedroom style inspiration! I just got a new apartment and am pretty excited about decorating but I'm not sure where to start!

  7. I once have visited my old house and its been wonderful tour for me. I loved the environment there. But the only reason i left that house was the roof leaks but now its been solved with Liquid Roof and i am planning to spend my weekend here in old house.

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  15. i love the way you used the ladder

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