Monday, October 15, 2012

Our New Home

So here is a picture of the front of our new home!!  This was taken before we moved in, and we've changed a few minor things.  But, nothing major.  We are so happy to be here!!  The open space is amazing, it took some time to get used to it, let me tell ya.  We came from a much smaller neighborhood where you walk out your garage and BAM there's your neighbor.  We are on a little over an acre, so we don't have that BAM feeling any longer!  My next post will be to show the kitchen and the transformation that a little bit of paint can make!  You know I'm a painted cabinet girl. 

The previous owners took such loving care of the house.  They were such a blessing to work with! 

That window is actually the 3rd garage.  The garage door is in the back of the house and that's where the previous owners kept their lawnmower and yard equipment.  It backs up to the 4th bedroom and we are going to combine both spaces and make a huge game room for the kiddos.  We are getting bids now for the project and can't wait to get started!!

I adore the stone on this house!  It's one of my favorite things about it.

This fountain feature actually works!!!  It is so pretty to watch when its on. 

Now for the part that REALLY sold us!!  The back yard is full of trees!!  Coming from a house where the only thing we looked at was a fence, the top of a neighbors roof, and 6 year old oak trees, this is a huge treat!!!!  We can see it from the kitchen, living room, and our master bedroom. 

I don't know what it is about trees that just makes me sigh.  My husband weekly tells me "Good find!  I love it here!"  He normally isn't on board at first for my finds, but when I showed him this house, he instantly fell in love.  Mostly because of that back yard.  Hey, whatever it takes, right? 
Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!  Pretty soon, hopefully tomorrow, my sweetheart of a sister will be giving birth to her 2nd baby girl!!  We are so excited!!  Keep Megan in your prays please!
Have a blessed week,