Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Bathroom Reveal and Other News

So, the master bathroom isn't completely done yet, but here is a looksie!  I'm not quite sure about the 2 pictures I have up and I am still waiting on the curtain to go on the cutout under the cabinets.  But, you can get the general idea.

I love, love, love the new tile floor!!!  If you don't know, that is tile!! 

It is so deceiving!!!  You have to actually touch it, to really know the difference!  The mocha grout ended up being the best match and glad that ordeal is behind me!  A.K.A Panic attack!

My man, did a great job framing out the mirror!  It wasn't hard at all! 

Here is the new rug I got from Pottery Barn.  It has turned out to be quite a plush little rug!  The colors are so deep and striking!  Again, seriously!?  Look at that floor!  Greatness!!!  Here is the lowdown on our hard labor of love!

New tile floor
Paint walls
Paint cabinets (I think I need to glaze them.  What do you think?)
Paint trim
Frame out mirror
New toilet (the culprit of the remodel)
Put down quarter round by the tub, shower and cabinets
New Roman Bamboo Shade

Left to do
Paint shelf
maybe change out pictures

I'm so excited how everything turned out and we are taking a break from projects right now!

Now on the other news!

 If you have noticed that my little blog was neglected this week, it is because I have started Cosmetology school!!!!! 

I am so excited!  After staying home for 12 years with the kiddos, my Man and I have prayed and talked about this life altering decision and I got accepted this spring!  I was a little taken back, however, when I realized my kids really weren't on board with this idea!  The night I found out I was accepted I was so excited I was bursting at the seams!  My Man was at a Maverick game, so it was just me and the kids.  Kailey was taking a shower so I told Ethan first.  I said "E, I got in to Cosmetology school!  How exciting is that!!!?"  Let me just say, it was the saddest thing ever!  He instantly teared up and said "I don't want you to go!!  You're supposed to be here!"  And, he ran off to his room crying!!  So, I'm standing there thinking, "What in the world just happened here!?"

So, in walks Kailey from her bath, and again I say, " Kailey, I just found out I got accepted to Cosmetology school!!  Isn't that exciting!!!"  And, she just stared at me, for like, 30 seconds, and took off for her room!!!  So, talk about a Debbie Downer moment!!!  Cue music: Wah Waaahhh (Saturday night live skit. yeah, I'm a dork)  I needed someone to be excited with me, but at this moment in time, I had 2 very upset children on my hands.

They have since settled into the idea, and things are going really well.  They actually think it is cool that I have homework and have to pack my lunch every morning just like they do!   I know this is going to be a challenge though.  I mean I haven't worked in 12 YEARS!!  I was ready to start last fall, but God closed that window and I couldn't get in.  All the slots were full up.  I was terribly upset, because you know when your rip roaring ready to start something and a wall comes up?  I guess I was a little disappointed.  That's when I realized God ALWAYS knows what's best.  His timing might not always be my timing, but I'm so glad he timed this right and I shut up and went along with what He had in store for me.
Ethan started 3rd grade at public school for the first time, so he really needed me this last semester, and Kailey, surprisingly enough, needed me a lot at the beginning of 6th grade. So, He said, "Not this semester Erin.  Wait and be patient." 

In my new adventure, because that is exactly how I am viewing this, a adventure, I saw this verse and it gave me such peace knowing that this is what he wants for me:

For I know the plans I have for you, "Declared the Lord", plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Oh, that just makes me smile and fills my heart!  So my journey begins.  I will try and keep up the posting a little better.  But, don't be surprised if I miss a few days!  I was having major withdrawals this week, let me tell you!  Keep me in your prayers and especially the little family!  Have a wonderful and praise filled Sunday!

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Southern Hopitality

I feel as though I have been given some sort of award!  Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality, is featuring me and my little old kitchen on her Feature Friday!  What an honor.  I'm sure you have heard of Rhoda.  I mean, she is pretty huge in blog world!!  She is a pretty savvy DIY'er and is a bargain hunter. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?!

Just look at her stairs that she gave a complete makeover to.  You will just be shocked and amazed at the before and after!

Her dining room has always been a favorite of mine.  It is so elegant and calming!  It all just sparkles!  So please, go check out Rhoda, and I know you will add her to your list of favorites, if you haven't already!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentines' Cupcake Liner Wreath

Here is a little Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial!  I wanted to do something for Valentine's coming up and saw this floating around somewhere in blog land and knew I could tackle that!  Love how it turned out!

Here is what you need:
Valentine's cupcake liners ( I used 3 different colors)
Scrapbooking flower stickers (Michaels)
small Styrofoam round wreath
Hot glue gun

1. Fold the liner in half

2. Fold again, and then fold the very tip (look at pic)

Here is another angle of  step 2

3. Put a dot of hot glue on the folded tip and start lining the wreath.  If you notice in the above picture, I line them up in random rows of 3.

4. To make the "flower" just take a liner and flatten out. I hot glued this directly to the wreath.  I tried to place it on top of the liners but it just never looked right.

Here is a close up of the "flower" I also folded a different color liner in half and place it directly under the flat liner.  I use 2 folded white liners to create a sort of border.

Then I took the scrapbooking flowers and placed them directly in the center of the "flower".

I took some polka dot red ribbon and used florist pins to attach it to the back of the wreath.  Then just used a command strip on the back of the door to secure it.

Voila!!  I placed all the white in one section, all the pink together, and then all the red.  You can only tell if you get right up on it.  But, I'm very happy with it.  I think it is sweet!

I don't have much Valentine's decor, but I love what I have.  Hope you enjoy these few pictures!

Do you see that ratty kitty kat doll holding the heart?  She is 20 years old and was my very FIRST Valentine's gift from my Man!  I've kept her all these years and I always set her out.  He brought me that and a box of chocolates.  He was so cute!  Aw, to be 16 and just falling in love again.  I love that memory, but I love right now too!

I got this little LOVE glittered sign in the $1 section of Michael's last year.  Score!

I love the colors and the painted flower on this vintage chocolate box. 

 Old cards and postcards are little works of art to me.  This is one of my favorite Valentine cards I found.  It is from 1942!

So, there you have it!  Hope you go out and make you a Cupcake Wreath, because it was super duper easy!  Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Again, with the laziness on WIWW!  It's time to get dressed up more!  I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy and Jewelscapes.

Bootie shoes ~ Target (new)
Patterned hose ~ Target
Skirt ~ Ann Taylor Loft ($12)
White shirt ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Black Cardigan ~ Target
Flower Belt ~ Ann Taylor Loft

Loving my new shoes from Target!  Just got them this weekend, so they should still be there.  Not the most comfortable thing on the market, but I only wear heels to church.  So, I can handle a few hours in them.  Hope your week is going well!

Monday, January 17, 2011

You'll Fall in Love With...

Man, oh man, there are some great things this week in blog world!  I love to get on the computer and be completely blown away by the creativity of all of these women!!  Check it out!

Miss Mustard Seed has truly outdone herself on this chest!  She painted it to look like a flag and it is stunning!!

Karla over at It's the Little Things That Make a House a Home did a fabulous job remaking her table over!

Kate, from Centsational Girl has created a wonderful space with the board and batten treatment!

I always love to see what Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors comes up with.  Like this easy headboard she created!

This bold black and white stripe curtain is divine from The Yellow Cape Cod.

You will be so impressed with every aspect of  Sara's master bathroom.  Head over to August Field's to drool over her kitchen and mudroom.  She is a favorite!

Jones Design company talks about her remodel job of her kitchen.  Great before and after pics!

Melanie, from My Sweet Savannah, shows you exactly how to make this incredible necklace!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loving these!

I think this rug from Pottery Barn is going to find a new home in my master bathroom!!!  3x5 rug for $79 is a steal in my terms!!

Love the muted browns and creams with just a touch of red.

I think I am diggin the muted and subtle colors.  I want this bathroom to be calming and relaxing.  I really am liking these curtains.  Also from Pottery Barn,  to go in the dead space under the cabinets.  I don't want anything too busy, fabric wise in there. 
I'll try to take some good pics tomorrow of the bathroom.  I LOVE it!  My Man did a fabulous job and I am so thankful for him!!  Smooch and a smack for him!  Here's what is left to do.  I know right!?  Like I said before, "Does it ever end?"

Change out door knobs
purchase rug
purchase drapes
paint shelf
glaze cabinets

Not too much left.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!  Blessings!

The first rug was no longer avaiable!!  I was not a happy camper about that!  However, I found this gorgeous rug and think it will work perfectly!  I love the olive greens and rusty reds in this rug!  Yea, Pottery Barn!!!  They are having a great sale today.  Take an additional 15% off all clearance items.  Since this rug was a clearance item, I got it for $67!!!  Score!! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fergus and Me

I love coming across new blogs and exploring them!  Sometimes I come across one that just sings to me and I HAVE to share!  Fergus and Me is the cutest little blog!  When I stumbled across her kitchen, I instantly fell in love and adore every aspect of this space!

I love the touches of red and that chandelier is a showstopper!  I am a sucker for white subway tile and am trying to talk my Man into that next project.  I think he needs a break for a while!

The hood over the range is an awesome focal point.

Be still my heart!  This cuckoo clock is gorgeous!!!  And, oh my, those blue walls are too pretty!! 
So head on over and check her out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every time I walk in to the store, Anthropologie, my heart flutters!  Unfortunately, I walk straight to the sale rack!  No bother!  I'll take whatever I can get of this store. Everything is so unique and quirky, it makes me melt.  You can be bohemian or dreamy all in the same store.  Here are just a few items I would love to own at this exact moment.  It's pretty cold here and I would love to have these gorgeous sweater coats.  Check out the new spring line here!  Enjoy!