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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heather Chadduck Love

I have loved Heather's work way back  when she used to be with Cottage Living.  Speaking of, don't you miss that magazine?  It was one of my fav's and I was so sad when it shut down.  Enough of that!  On to Heather!  She is AWESOME!!  I wish she would have a show on HGTV.  That would be incredible!  She has such a unique style, and I love to see the things she comes up with.

If you haven't seen the January issue of Southern Living, go get it!  Heather's new bedroom is featured and it is loverlie!!  Here are some pics to devour!

This is her old bedroom.  Can you imagine!? I think I could live with this for a pretty long time!  I love the fabric on the back of the headboard and those curtains are gorgeous!

Here is a pic of her kitchen.  I absolutely adore the antique schoolhouse chalkboard she hung over the vintage range!  She left the chalkboard as is, even the drawings!  Can you tell I have a decorating crush on her!  You probably do too!  LOL!


  1. Oh...yes! I have drooled over her home in Cottage Living over and over. I did see this article. I love her style too and just want to see more of her and her projects. I too loved that kitchen. Just this past week...I was looking at that photo of her kitchen on Pinterest. Yes..I miss Cottage Living. It was my absolute favorite magazine. I had a subscription and devoured it cover to cover each month and looked at it over and over. I wish I'd saved every issue. I do think I have several old issues here but I wish I had them all. Towards the end they put out a couple of special issues that I didn't get...like on gardening...I didn't know they were going to be no longer. They were a compilation of stories from past issues.

    Now I wish I had them. I remember seeing so many landscaping ideas that I wanted to incorporate. That is the magazine I miss the most.

  2. Her rooms are simply beautiful..I too miss Cottage Living..I do have several years worth of copies that from time to time I enjoy looking at..You can never get tired of that magazine..Thanks for sharing

  3. I've always liked her too. Especially that kitchen pic with the garland. She was in Coastal living in Dec.

  4. oh my! Thanks for sharing. That bedroom is a little bit o' heaven. And her kitchen is amazing. Feeling inspired to get a chalkboard in my kitchen now!

  5. Off to pick up the January Issue of Southern Living!

  6. Very pretty. Sometimes I struggle with my choice of modern design. I love a little floral and adore how it's used on the desk.


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