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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fergus and Me

I love coming across new blogs and exploring them!  Sometimes I come across one that just sings to me and I HAVE to share!  Fergus and Me is the cutest little blog!  When I stumbled across her kitchen, I instantly fell in love and adore every aspect of this space!

I love the touches of red and that chandelier is a showstopper!  I am a sucker for white subway tile and am trying to talk my Man into that next project.  I think he needs a break for a while!

The hood over the range is an awesome focal point.

Be still my heart!  This cuckoo clock is gorgeous!!!  And, oh my, those blue walls are too pretty!! 
So head on over and check her out!


  1. thanks so much erin, and debbie! x lynn-anne

  2. I LOVE the colors in this kitchen. thanks for sharing. I love how fresh and crisp the kitchen is. The blue with red accents are so 'in' right now too! :) I give it a "10".

  3. what a beauty!! makes me want to get the paint out...but i won't because my kitchen is new! i'll have to wait!

  4. That kitchen is definitely magazine worthy! Love it! Thanks for sharing this lovely site with us!

  5. Um, I'm drooling!!! This one is going in my keep pile!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Ummm..I'm in love! Thanks for sharing:)


  7. I LOVE the clock! So charming!

  8. I will check her blog out..thanks for sharing,,,we are trying to decide if white subway tiles would be a good choice for our kitchen reno...will cruise over and take a boo...you have been most helpful !!


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