Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Enjoy Being a Girl!

It's true!  I enjoy being a girl!  I can't help it.  I love make up, hair, and fashion.  I can remember watching my mother as a little girl, put her make up on, and just being in awe of it all!  Starting in about 5th grade I was dying to wear make up and would beg my mother daily to let me wear something, anything, I just wanted to wear it.  My mother stayed strong and said, "No, you can wear it when you turn 12."  For me, turning 12 meant the summer before 7th grade.  At the time, I was devastated!  But, thank you so much mom, for not letting me start too early!  Because  once I started, I was hooked! 

Sometimes I get asked what type of products I use.  What do I wash my face with, what moisturizer do I use, and what make up products do I like.  So, I thought I would start a beauty post on my favorite skin care and make up items that I adore!

I love this Dove commercial.  I showed this to my daughter, just to let her know the women in those magazine's are not as perfect as we think they are.  If you haven't seen it, check it out!

I am NOT an expert!
I do not have perfect skin!
These are only suggestions!

Let's dive into the good stuff first!  In my early and mid 20's I was strictly a soap and water girl!  I know, you can gasp now!  It wasn't until I was 28 that my sweet friend, Amy, showed me the way of skincare!  I realized then and there that God gave me this body and I have to start really trying to protect it.  I used several products over the years, but the ones I am showing you, are my all time fav's! 

I cleanse my face, every night with Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash.  Now, because I am in my mid, (o.k, actually closer to late) 30's, I love their anti-aging line.  Before I started using this, my face looked dull and lifeless.  It has completely transformed my skin!  It does exactly what is says, it resurfaces the skin.  My skin looks smoother and has a more youthful look to it.  This bottle will last me about 6 to 8 months!  No joke!  It only takes 1 pump to do my entire face and neck!

After I cleanse I use Avalon Organics facial toner.  I just started using this about 6 months ago and love it.  I have never used toner before, but I know it is a crucial step in good skin care.  I also love this because of the price.  Very affordable.  You can find it at Target.

At 32,  I started to see the dreaded crow's feet!!  Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not one of these girls that detest the lines on her face and will do anything to stop the ageing process!  Not at all.  I embrace my laugh lines.  It reminds me of all the laughter and happy times.  However, there is nothing wrong with slappin a little cream on that sensitive skin around the eyes to help them out!  Don't neglect that area!  Your skin is so thin under your eyes, you need a little help.

Now, here is the miracle in a bottle!  (Insert angels singing here)  I'm not gonna lie to you.  This puppy is pricey!!!  Here is a sneaky trick I do.  Nordstram's always runs specials where they give away free samples.  I have never actually purchased this cream because of this special!!!  When I run out of my facial wash, I always get about 2 sample tubes of this cream.  No joke, it will last me the same amount of time the facial wash does.  It only takes about 4 small dots on my face and neck.  This stuff along with the facial wash, is incredible!!!  That is why it is so pricey!  But, to me, so worth it!  I know, I will have to break down and actually buy it one day.  It just has worked out that I haven't.  The small pot of this cream should last over a year.  That makes it sensible, if you're only buying it once a year!  Right?! 

I hope I  haven't bored you with my extremely long post!  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email!  Would love to hear from you.  The face is a tricky thing. I am surely not an expert by any means.  Results are my testimony!  Hope you have a blessed day!


  1. Thank you for sharing your personal beauty care items, I would love to give these a try.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  2. Thanks! I've been looking for a new eye cream, and as a fellow target lover, I'm glad to head there with this product in mind!

  3. I love the Avalon toner and eye cream. I was out of my old but didn't think it worked well anyway...I have notice a smoother appearance and less puffiness under my eyes. Thanks!


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