Monday, October 11, 2010

Before and After: Our Living Room

Our living room is a constant work in progress.  I have this one wall where our t.v is that drives me crazy.  It is not centered in the room, so it is difficult to decorate.  Ignore my kiddos and me, lounging in this picture.  We are having quality t.v time!

This is our old entertainment center I found at a garage sale.  I truly loved this.  It had some great storage.  However, my man wanted one of those jumbo wall t.v's, so this had to go.

 I couldn't afford real chairs at the time and thought these wicker chairs looked great.  I had the cushions made and hoped that made them look a little more formal.

So here is the new living room.  For the moment.  I've already moved this table to another wall.  I know, I'm a little crazy.  I can't seem to help myself.  I'll live with it one way, and decide it needs to change!  I know I'm not alone in this!

I love this chest.  I got it at a flea market years ago and simply adore it!

Here is a view of my curtains that I made with the help of my wonderful Aunt LaTrelle!  She is amazing!  I bought 3 hooks for each panel and hung them that way.  It was way to much money for a rod, so this was a cheaper way to hang them.  I think they add little bit more character.

I love this picture.  My sweet neighbor and friend, Lauren took these.  She is trying her hand at photography, and I think she is doing awesome!

I got this wicker basket at Target and it holds all of our blankets and quilts.  I can't seem to get out of Target without spending some major money!  No matter how hard I try.  I love that store!

Here is a look at my chairs I got at a garage sale from a good friend!  I love garage sales and estate sales!  You can find the most incredible things.

We opted not to do a fireplace in this house, which I completely regret.  I missed having a mantle to decorate.  So I found the next best thing at a flea market.  The fireplace screen is actually an antique metal headboard. 

This is actually a plastic frame I bought for $20 bucks!!  I snatched this baby up quick!

Those are vintage t.v trays. 

So this is the ever changing wall!  To the right of the t.v I have put a small tall table there and I think it evens the wall out.  To the left of the t.v I moved that table and added a wicker chair.  It doesn't look quite off balanced to me anymore. Again, crazy!!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour!  I welcome any questions or comments.  Hope everyone has a blessed week!


  1. Your house and blog are beautiful! I really like your style. So homey! I saw your space on Rate my Space. I will be back to visit!

  2. Hi Erin...I just saw your spaces on RMS...I just love that coffee table and all your decor. You have a very unique style. I have a blog too, would love for you to visit sometime. I am signing on to follow so you come up on my blog roll.

  3. Erin Howdy,
    I've enjoyed your RMS spaces and your blog too. I went to both web sites you suggested and it looks as though Wicker Rocker was discontinued. You had mentioned you would post the formula of the color as you have had interest from several of us, we would all really appreciate it:) I had shared the color on your blog with hubby and he also gave it a thumbs up. Look forward to hearing more from you. GB, Renee

  4. gm love your kitchen re-do. look forward to following you

  5. iam enjoying your space so much what great ideas you have love how there are touches of whimzy all around i just love the window treatments great idea cant wait to see more

  6. I like the way the TV blends in and doesn't look like it's out of place in the room!

  7. Hi, I just came for a visit from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. You did a great job with the living room. I love that black dresser. My husband has not insisited yet about the tv, but I know it will be coming sooner than later and I don't know if I can get rid of my armoir, so you did a great job arranging around the tv. Halloween, love it. I had forgotten about the Pottery Barn stick, I am planning on getting some sticks and spray painting them black for decorating with. Lots of ideas and only two weeks left to decorate. We are giving our second Halloween party and they are just so fun. I hope you like blog land, I have met some wonderful bloggers, had lots of inspiration and there is so much more out there.

  8. You've created a beautiful, warm and cozy room. Love the details

  9. Love it! The rooms looks so inviting & comfy.

  10. I love the whole look! Where are the couch pillows from?

  11. You have so many beautiful things ...and such a lovely, bright and open living area. I really admire how you mix and match new and old pieces.
    <3 Michelle
    P.S. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. wow what a difference! great job! i am sooo in love with those vintage tv trays!

  13. What a difference... I love the fireplace and the really looks great!

  14. Oooh, very nice. I love the new chairs and the flea market chest is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour!
    Hope you can join my giveaway going on now! Have a great weekend!

  15. You have wonderful taste and hence a beautiful home! I too LOVE LOVE the breakfast room chairs! Way good call! I'd consider moving to Texas just to be able to go to Weir's and get those chairs. :) Warm Holiday Wishes! Jen :)

  16. You did a terrific job...looks amazing your TV room! Congrats.
    I'm new on your blog and I'm glad I got to see it.
    Hope you can visit my blog and my house too, will love to have you.
    You take great pics.

  17. Just noticed your pic on the sidebar of your living room! Had to comment on what a cozy and comfortable room this is! I understand the whole husband/big TV thing! It's always an issue. Beautiful room!

  18. Hi just cruisin by and found your site! Love that you painted your kitchen out in white.....great improvement :) We are in the process of doing a reno in our is a slow process at times and I am trying to be patient.
    Who ever would have thought that vintage tv trays could look so good on a wall! You have some great finds and your home is warm and inviting. Thanks for the tour.
    God Bless

  19. Hi Erin! Today is my first visit (thanks Rhoda!!!) amazing redo on the kitchen!!! I just jotted down your site info and handed it over to my beautiful daughter in law... She is trying to talk my son into white on the cabinets!!! Her kitchen is much like yours!!!! I absolutely love your breakfast room and the kitchen redo so much!!! Thanks for sharing Terri

  20. Do you know the name of the paint color you used in your family room? It's very warm and inviting.

  21. Erin, I love the changes and colors!! Happy Tuesday!

  22. Ok, this is the room.... what is your paint color. I love it!! Thanks! (

  23. I like what you have done with your room. We are looking at hanging our tv on the wall but hubby is worried about seeing the cords but I don't see yours. What did you do to hide them?

  24. I love the pillows on your leather sofa. Could you please share where you got them? Also, the paint color in your living room? I love the decorating colors in your house. I'm looking for pillows for my leather sofa in my family room. Thanks!
    ~ Darlene

  25. What a beautiful home, Erin!
    I love your window treatments, you have to tell me what you did there. Your colors are so warm and inviting. You don't need to "wanna be", girl.... you ARE!

  26. Fine change. There is beautiful (fine) < beauty >. I salute from poland

  27. Beautiful living room!

    I know this is an old post, but I just became the proud owner of a rescued mantle. I can't figure out the best way to attach it to the wall or if it even needs to be attached. What did you do with yours?

    Feel free to email:

  28. This is so gorgeous. Do you have a tutorial for the curtains by any chance?

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