Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Boots ~ Target
Skinny Jeans ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Plaid shirt ~ Old Navy
Tank ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Belt ~ Target
Owl necklace ~ Forever 21
round necklace ~ Crystal Beutler Jewelry
Headband ~ Target
Bracelet ~ Target

My little niece Malone, who I was babysitting, had to get her picture taken too!

Sweater Boots ~ Old Navy
Jeans ~ TJ Maxx
Shirt ~ Old Navy
Houndstooth hat ~ Target
Grey flower pin ~ made by me
Typewriter key necklace ~ Groovy's

Thanksgiving Day outfit

Boots ~ Target
Skinny Jeans ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Tank Top ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan ~ The Limited
Necklace ~ The Wave
Headband ~ Target

I am dubbed "The Amazon" and my sister, Megan is "The Cute One"

I am linking with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy


  1. Y'all are both cute and look so much alike except for the height. Cute outfits.

  2. I thought I reconsigned you, I had just seen you on your sisters blog. hehe, looking lovely and that is a very handsome young man you have attached to your leg. Have a great week. ax

  3. HA--the are not. I have a sister that is super tall compared to me and she has always said tall is not always good...I disagree...but I am short! :)

    You look GREAT!


  4. Don't you just LOVE your boots from Target!!
    I swear that if we lived in the same town we would run into eacho other shopping all the time. We shop at the same places! LOL
    Love the picture of you and your sister!!! You're both beautiful ;-)

  5. how stunning each outfit is what can i say but beautiful xoxo sherri

  6. hey! found you by way of the Pleated Poppy. Had to comment because A) I love your style. I also have those same fabulous boots from Target. and B) I'm 5'9 and my cute little sis is 5'3. Only they don't call me Amazon, they call me Gigantor.

  7. LOVE your style. especially your thanksgiving day outfit. and your house is lovely! when can i move in? :-)

  8. Thanks for stopping by! Love your outfits and especially your hat.....too cute!! I would love to wear one, but I not sure it would look right on me. That's funny we both had little one hanging on us. Love your blog and your home is beautiful! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  9. You are both adorable and totally stylin! Hope all is well, have not seen you in a while.


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