Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anne Taylor Loft Crush

I've been in love with Anne Taylor Loft for about 5 years now and my love has not faded!  Most of my wardrobe consist of Target and Old Navy, which I love, don't get me wrong. However, I don't know about you, but I am so tired of finding these little holes in my shirt, right where my button to my jeans are!  I say to myself, "NO more Erin!  You are only buying well made shirts!"  But then I see something cute at Target and can't resist!  So, when I buy something from Anne, I know it is going to last me and not get little holes in it!  AND, I can actually afford it! (with a coupon or on sale)

Here are just a few things I would love to go and put in my closet for winter.

Don't you just want to run out and go try on clothes now!!?  I sure do!  I haven't been to Anne Taylor Loft since the middle of summer and I am starting to have withdrawls!!!  I am trying so hard to be good with Christmas right around the corner and my son's birthday coming up in a few weeks.  So why did I go online and look at all of this stuff!!!?  To bring all of you, a little bit of inspiration in fashion!  There, I feel better now!  Craving has passed.  Hope everyone has blessed Sunday!


  1. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one on the planet with little holes in my t-shirts. I have been so perplexed as to how it was happening.

  2. Love it, my style too, lol. Esp. the cardigans and the necklaces.....awesome.

  3. I love AnnTaylor Loft - I adore the classy casualness of the clothes, the clean lines and how its very affordable. Great highlights!

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE all of these outfits from Ann Taylor! So cute.

  5. Loft is great - I actually posted several of the same outfits/jackets on my post a few weeks ago - great taste - LOL :)

    I am a new follower - linked over from your link up on your breakfast room (great job btw)

    Jennifer -


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