Friday, November 26, 2010

Buckets Galore

I am loving this look!  Putting your Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket or urn is too cute!  I am on the hunt myself for a galvanized bucket.  Here are some inspiration pictures so you get the idea!

I love these white buckets from Ballard Designs.  They look great on a table as well.  I'll be sharing Thanksgiving pictures soon!  Hope everyone had a great day of eating and visiting with loved ones!


  1. Love this idea....very cute! Now to find a galvanized bucket :o)

  2. Great photos- Michelle over at Emerald Cove just put her tree in a galvanized tub too! Really neat idea~ Happy weekend! :)

  3. Great inspiration photo's. I love this look, too! Have fun hunting for the perfect galvanized tub!

  4. what can i say beutiful every inch of your home i have one of those buckets i have a little silver tree in it in my kitchen window but nothing like your gorgeous xoxo sherri


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