Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Here is week 2!!

Boots ~ Target
grey tights ~ Target
dress ~ Old Navy
grey cardigan ~ Target
belt ~ Ann Taylor Loft
floral pin ~ made by me
necklace ~ Forever 21
headband ~ Target

(I love my boots from Target! For $34.95 they were a steal!)

(This is my new favorite headband of the moment!  It goes with everything.)

Boots ~ Target
Skinny Jeans ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater ~ TJ Maxx
Ruffle tank top ~ Ann Taylor Loft
both necklaces ~ Forever 21
headband ~ Target
Bracelet ~ Target

(This sweater is so cozy and warm.)

Flats ~ Target
Skinny Jeans ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Skinny belt ~ Wal Mart
Cardigan ~ Old Navy
Purple tank top ~ Old Navy
Flower pin ~ made by me

Excuse the major close up of my very freckled chest!!  But, I wanted you to see this necklace!  It has a pearl, a charm that says "MOM" and a photo of the kiddos.  I absolutely adore this necklace!  She doesn't sell this particular one anymore.  But, she sells several just like it!  Go check her out!

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  1. Very stylish outfits!!!! Love the boots from target! Well, actually, I love it all! :)


  2. You are so beautifully adorable. ♥ I love how naturally beautiful you are and just a tad bit quirky. It makes you... YOU. I am glad to be a new follower of yours.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  3. I love the way you dress! I need to get out of my rut and try on some new styles. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You are an inspiration! Love love love the color combo in your first outfit!!

  5. Great outfits, and adorable blog! I love your house pics! and Gotta love the Target ruffle sweater :)

  6. YOur outfits and you are beautiful! So is the home decor around you. I just became a follower of your blog because I saw those great pics of your home decor in the sidebar and want to come take a closer look later, so gorgeous!
    The link up is in my Bejeweled Wednesday post,I may have confused things by doing a regular Daily Jewelscapes post today too, oops. Here's the link for The Jewelscapes Bejeweled WEdnesday link up - Thanks!

    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

  7. Great outfits so well put together!

  8. okay, where to start?! just stumbled upon you from the pleated poppy. I love love your hair color and your home is crazy beautiful! I love that first outfit, so cute but also looks so warm and cozy, I love that!

  9. LOVE all of these, especially that first one!!! Adorable!!

  10. The first two outfits are my favorite. The first outfit is my favorite. I love the printed dress with the ruffled gray cardi combo.

    Just Better Together

  11. I love your outfits! I have the same target boots and not only are the cute, they're comfy also! I am also loving your sweaters!

  12. Ok,Im going to Target today..I want those boots!! lol :) I Love your outfits, especially the ruffled cardigan and the headband and dress and belt..I love it all! You look beautiful! :)

  13. you are beautiful! I love your style too cute!

  14. I love your style and I love that you have a white comforter set in your bedroom, I want one (have always wanted white linens) but my husband thinks I'm crazy! with 3 stinky boys it might get ruined but I will make it off limits to them!


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