Monday, June 6, 2011

Momma's 60th Birthday!!

My sweet Momma had her 60th birthday party on Saturday!!!  We surprised her, and invited
the extended family!  It was so nice to see everyone and celebrate.  Mom plays such an important
role in all of our lives.  Her love language is acts of service, and she takes care of you like nothing
you've ever experienced!  My friends tell me all the time that they want to have another baby, just to have
one of her famous home cooked meals brought to you.She's always there when you need her, and
truly loves to help her kiddos and grandkids out.  Thank you for always being here, no matter
what.  We love you!!!

My mother Pam (in turquoise) and her sweet sister Darlene

Daddy got Momma an IPad and she was tickled pink

Mommas brother Dale and her great nieces, Courtney and Haley.  Beautiful and sweet girls.

Darlene and Uncle Sonny

One of her beautiful nieces Lorrie and her husband Randy. 

My sister and little Malone

I don't think Kailey knew she got in this pic.

Italian Creme Cake!  Yummy!

After dinner, we took the kiddos to the harbor to see the boats.

All she wanted to do was run!!

Right next door, was Bass Pro Shop.  Our kids love to go in there and look at all
the boats.  There is soo much to look at in there.  They had a blast!

Ethan and my sweet niece Hannah

This is really the picture they wanted to take!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!



  1. Beautiful family! We celebrated my mother-in-law's 60th Birthday this past weekend too and we sure did surprise her as well!

  2. Beautiful Family Erin and Happy Birthday to mom!! Martina

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Erin. She is a beautiful woman. Lovely family photos.

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! What a wonderful day to celebrate.
    Enjoy your week as well.


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