Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little Practical Magic!

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to share one of my favorite witchy movies.  I not only adore the movie, but fell in love with this house and the kitchen!!  If you haven't seen Practical Magic, starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, you have to check it out this week before Halloween gets here!

The house is actually an empty shell and after the movie was done being filmed, it was torn down!!!  Can you imagine!?

I love this shot!  The house looks so creepy and beautiful all at the same time!

This is a dream of a kitchen to me!  I love how big and open it all is!  The beams are incredible!

The glaze on the subway tiles are gorgeous!  Could you imagine cooking on something like this everyday? 

Looking into the breakfast room.  Can you see the open rafters up at the top?  All the rooms were constructed on a sound stage!

Romantic Homes did a spread on this kitchen years ago.  This is one of their pictures.

Breakfast room

Sometimes, when I watch a movie with a gorgeous home, I tend to concentrate on the house more than the movie.  If I go to the movies with friends, they all come out talking about some favorite scene and I'm saying "But did you see that crown molding in the dining room!?"  What can I say?  It's an illness!  Hope you all have a blessed Monday!


  1. Now I have a new movie to download! Love your blog! Have passed it on to so many friends!

  2. I love this movie specifically for the house! I go to the movies with a pal who, like me (and you) loves to look at the houses and decor! Too much fun!

  3. LOL that is what I do as well, look at the house and it's interior instead of the movie haha.

    Haven't seen this movie .

    Have a great week ♥

  4. lol i loved this movie ......and yes the witches kitchen is to die for!!


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