Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cabinet paint color

I have gotten so emails about the cabinet paint color that I am posting the formula!  It makes me so giddy that you love the color so much, you want to use it in your home!!  Your local Sherwin Williams can mix that right up for you!  To answer another question on everyone's lips:  No, it wasn't hard at all to paint the cabinets.  It was only time consuming.  I truly believe anyone can paint, you just have to be dedicated to the project.  If you really want those cabinets painted, take the plunge and carve out some time.  You won't regret it!

You have truly made my day with all of your sweet comments!  You make me smile!

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  1. your Kitchen is just so pretty love the wall color you have a lovely home .thank you for posting the wall color i just love it :)

  2. I just commented on your Furniture Friday link and came to look around. Seriously... your kitchen ... I wanna move in. Love the granite. Love the cabinets. Love the look.
    Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog via the nester! Love the work you've done! Does this color look kind of creamy in real life? Also, I have had some people recommend only using oil based on cabinets- have you had any issues of cleaning and scrubbing yours? I have kids and will need to scrub! :)

    Also, the paint label looked like it said semi-gloss, but you the can said it was satin. Was it a satin finish? Does it clean up nicely, as compared to a semi-gloss finish?

    Thanks SO much for your time!!

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