Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Don't ya just love Halloween?  I absolutely adore it! 
It shouts FUN to me!  My sister,Megan, and I are hosting
our first costume Halloween party together and we can't wait!
By the way, go check out my sister's blog.  She is an etsy and fashion diva
and has the best ideas on the new fall trends.  So if you want to be in style
this fall check her out!  Now, let's find some bewitching inspiration!

Those are gourds painted white to look like scary skulls! What a great idea!

I really want to do this for the party.  Country Living has an easy tutorial for these ghosts.  Tissue paper bells and cheese cloth!  Who would have thought!

Look at those balloon spiders!  They look so great against the white framed house and apple green door!

I will be posting pictures of my house this week for Halloween!  So get spooky if you already haven't, with your home!  Blesses to all!


  1. LOVE it! The rats on the staircase are so cool! Jade and I love Halloween. We love getting dressed up and having candy for the kids. We've always wanted to really go all out and decorate, but with three cats in the house, it's hard to put anything up that they won't get in to. Thanks for the inspiration!

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