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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pretty Little Dollhouse

Didn't you always want a beautiful dollhouse to play with when you were a child?  My grandfather made me one when I was 9 years old and I loved that house!!  It was ginormous!!  It only fit in my grandparents garage, so I didn't get to play with it all the time.  I really wish I had pictures of that house.  It reminded me of the Gone With the Wind house.  Just beautiful!

Kailey had been wanting one for years, but I knew the daunting task of putting this thing together.  But, on her 11th birthday Memaw and Grandaddy bought her the kit fro Hobby Lobby and said "Have fun building!"
And, so we did!  It took a combined effort of David, Kailey and me over 3 months time.  We only worked on it over the weekends.  Here are some pics of our pride and joy!

We painted the house a pretty green color called "Witch Hazel" from
Home Depot.  Spray painted the shutters and door black and painted all
the trim white.  It turned out lovely!

I found this turntable that holds a lot of weight and this helps to turn it around
when she wants to play with it.

This is the baby and little girl room

Kailey did all the decorating herself! She used scrap book paper for wallpaper.  Genius!!
The letters are from Hobby Lobby and I thought that was a cute idea to Put "ABC" on
the wall.

She also put scrap book paper on the bed.  It was a plain white bed and she jazzed it up
a bit with the pink with black polka dot paper.  She loves the name "Reese" so she spelled
it out over the bed.

Here is the Momma and Daddy room.  We found most of the furniture from
Melissa & Doug.  The family also came from there.

Scrap book paper again for the walls.

Family Room

My Daddy painted that little watercolor over the fireplace for her.  Too sweet!

We found the kitchen cabinets at Hobby Lobby.  They have a whole section for dollhouses
and accessories.  The green color with the bead board is precious!

My very talented Aunt LaTrelle made this cross stitched little rug for her last Christmas.
She will cherish this!

The letters are so cute that spell out "eat"

Now this was a whipping!  Kailey and I stained every single little shingle on this roof!!
I would dip each shingle in the stain with tweezers and Kailey would wipe it off with
a towel.  This took us a few weekends to do!

We are all very proud of this little house and will keep it for generations to come!
Sometimes Kailey will even find me playing and rearranging furniture!
Wouldn't you?



  1. I just love it! So cute! I found one a few years ago on craigslist for $20.00. But it looks nothing like yours. Love the furniture. =)

  2. I think your daughter is going to be a great decorator when she grows up, she did a wonderful job! The house is gorgeus and you can certainly tell you all put alot of time and love in it!

  3. I see Kailey takes after her mama when it comes to decorating! Erin you guys did a beautiful job on that doll house! Martina

  4. So lovely, Kailey will certainly inherit your fine taste after working on such a wonderful project together!

  5. Adorable! What a sweet memory for Kailey and a wonderful piece to keep and pass down!

  6. I love this! I was just looking at these at HL tonight. We only got one around here about 6 weeks ago. It's my favorite place to be!

  7. I am just in AWE! I want one! Dubai? WHere can I buy a dollhouse kit! What a treasure memory for Kailey! You inspire me! xoxoxoxox

  8. How wonderful, Erin! My Dad made my daughter a house similar in size when she was little {she's 24 now} and we kept it this whole time and brought it with us when we moved recently. We will fix it up for my granddaughter to play with when she gets a little older.

  9. I want to go buy one for myself! I have also always loved doll houses and have spent many hours playing with my daughter. My baby is 16 now, but maybe I can convince to help me build one of these.

  10. I'd love to do this as an adult!! Especially since I never had a doll house!

  11. Gorgeous! Layken is only 1 but I can't wait for the day we get to do one together. I love the older and much simpler toys. Our kids don't have a lot of electronic gadgets, and I'm perfectly at peace with that decision!

  12. I love this dollhouse! The exterior looks so polished and gorgeous! I love your furnishings. The bed on the top floor is so sweet. It's so fabulous!! I think my little mantel would look sweet here. I wish the two of you the best of luck! :)

  13. awesome! WHERE did you get the wood for the roof?

  14. I love how you decorated your dollhouse! I just bought a kit from Hobby Lobby (almost bought the same one as you but decided last minute to go with the Victorian). I love how yours is simple yet charming and detailed at the same time (does that make sense?). Definitely going to be referring to yours when I finally get mine started. :) What did you use to adhere the scrapbook paper to the wall?

  15. Thanks so much for sharing! What did you do to the floors? It looks like they have a wood grain/texture to them. Thank you!

  16. Enjoyed looking at your dh decor; I have been making minis for about 35 years now and love the scrapcraft angle of it, i.e., using beads and a common pin to make a perfume bottle, a double straw and a bit of pipe cleaner for a toilet bowl brush, etc. Great hobby for you all the share. Kailey will prob lose interest in her teen years, but return to it later; hold onto it!

  17. what kind of stain did u use for the shingles??

  18. I love everything about your dollhouse! The only thing I wondered about was if you were planning on adding a kitchen table and chairs and upper cabinets or shelves in the kitchen. But I know how fun it is to take your time and look for the perfect furniture for each room.


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