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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kailey's 13th Birthday

I say it every year, but I really can't believe my baby is growing up!
She has turned into a teenager!  Now, I really can't believe that one!
She was so excited to turn 13, and I can completely remember that same feeling
when I turned 13.  So, I wanted to make it a special one.  We had some of
her girlfriends for a "Spa" day at an actual spa!  The girls had an absolute blast!

My grown up girl!

The girls got to wear these super cute robes.  They loved it!

Each girl got their toes done and had nail art applied. 
This lady was a true artist!  She worked with acyrlic paints instead
of nail polish.

The girls worked on flip flops with rag ties while they waited on their stations. 
We had music going, and the girls would dance and be crazy!  It was hilarous!

Here is someone's creation.

Everyone got mini facials.  They ended it, with a chocolate mask, which smelled yummy!

They all had to walk around with this chocolate on their faces until it dried. 
It was a sight, let me tell you!

We ended up back at our place and we had a photo booth waiting for them.
It was so much fun!  We had these mustaches on a stick for them to pose with.
I got them from an Etsy store called Little Retreats.  She has the cutest props and
banners.  The "Photo Booth" sign is also from there.

Tell the girls to pose and they run with it!  We had a pretty good "photo session"!
Girls love to pose!

Kailey found these super cute straws with lips on them and we had to
get those!  It's another Etsy store called Hey YoYo.  She has wonderful
vintage inspired birthday items.  Anything you can think of, she has it.

What a sweet and fun bunch of girls.  Kailey is blessed to have them in her life!



  1. Happy Birthday, Kalley! It looks like they had a lot of fun.

  2. Happy 13th Birthday to Kailey!! That sure looked like an AWESOME party Erin!! Time sure does fly! Martina

  3. What a fantastic way to celebrate a 13th birthday! Your daughter and her friends look like a really great group of "not quite ready to be young women" who are still enjoying their youth. That is so great. You did a great party!

    Loved your messy side bun from your last post. So adorable!
    :) CAS

  4. love her blonde friend in the white shirt! little hottie. especially in that last picture, mouth open, ready to receive a load on her pretty face :0


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