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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's What I Wore Wednesday and I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Jewelscapes

Going Grocery Shopping

Sandals ~ Dillard's
Jeans ~ TJ Maxx
Shirt ~ Forever 21
Earrings ~ Groovy's

Shopping With My Mom

Forgot to put my sandals on for pic!
Long sleeveless black dress ~ Old Navy
White Tank ~ Old Navy
Denim Shirt ~ Old Navy
Necklace ~ Groovy's
Turquoise ring ~ Wal Mart
Earrings ~ Crystal Beutler

Date Night With My Man

Bronze wedges ~ Clarks (the most comfy shoe, EVER)
Denim capris ~ Miss Me
Shirt ~ Groovy's

I love the detail on this shirt!  It is super cute!

Going to Church

Black slacks ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Shirt ~ Target

I actually got to get dolled up a few times this week!  Hope you did too!



  1. Love your Outfits! Your hair is the most beautiful color!

  2. I have that last Target shirt!! So cute! By the way, I have to say that I assume you're older than 25 because of what I gather from your posts, but you do NOT look it! Your skin is flawless!

  3. Great photos, cute shirts and nice camera strap cover.

  4. LOVE the black long dress with tied denim button-down. Such a great look!

  5. You have the most gorgeous collection of tops! Stunning looks.

  6. Such a fun post, love the date night top, you're looking adorable! Janell

  7. You always look amazing! Love your triple necklace!

  8. Beautiful! And I always love looking at the rooms in the background and on your side bar -- so gorgeous!

  9. Love your blouses. The tan one from Groovy's...where is this Groovy's located, is there a website? I am from Ohio and searched for Groovy's online, but couldnt find one that appeared to be the correct one :(
    LOVE, LOVE your style, home and personal!!! Good job.

  10. Love your dress/denim shirt combo, and your date night top - great outfits!

  11. Love the top from groovy's and target, cute as usual!

  12. Gorgeous as always. I'm wishing we had a Groovy's!

  13. Love all of your outfits!!! Especially your date night top from Groovy's! Is it a chain store??

  14. You have great taste in clothes! If I was your size, I'd wear the same thing. :)

  15. You are such a cutie.. great clothes. I am going to show your post to my girls who are just a little older than you.. great style

  16. Oh my gosh Erin, you have some seriously cute cloths. I'm dying over that Target top! It looks stunning on you. :)

  17. Hi there, stumbled across your blog - the black and red target top - what brand is it? I need it!!! thank you.


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