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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doggie Bowls

I love looking at different doggie bowls, leashes, collars, just about anything for
our little Ginger.  Sometimes I have to restrain myself from buying things for her.  This is Ginger's feeding corner in the kitchen.  I found this super cute
stand with bowls for her at Tuesday Morning about 6 years ago.  It went perfectly
in our kitchen and she loves it. 

However, it is a playground for spiders!!  Underneath is a small city of webs and dead bugs.  Yuck!!
You can clean it and 1 day later it is full of webs again!  The top is also pretty icky.  I don't
know what she does, but when she bends over to eat or drink, the whole top of the tray gets
slimy and filthy.  It is not a pretty sight.

So, I've been on the lookout for something a little cleaner, and easier to clean for her.

We keep her food in this great bin from Ikea!  I loved the one from Ballard's Design,
but at $45, that was a big no!  This one only cost around $15.  My man, had the
genius idea to put the bin here instead of our cramped little pantry.  Genius!

Enter new bowls!!!  I found these cuties at Stein Mart.  They are going to be so much easier
to take care of and look great with the little band of red at the top.  And at $4 each, I couldn't
pass it up.

Now, her little corner is clean and complete!



  1. Funny...I just looked at Oliver's food station the other day and thought I should share what I've come up with...2 cute dishes from the dollar store and I put them on a tray also $1. It all looks great together and easy to keep clean!

  2. Great dog food bucket! I like the two bowls much better too!

    xo kelley

  3. I'm always on the look out for new dog bowls. I really regret not ordering a set out of Martha's catalog 10 years ago.My local pet supply has great rabbit crocks in varying sizes-I think they may do the trick for Birdie and Nutkin.Ginger's new bowls are very charming with the red banding. Take care.


  4. We have a cat, who will forever be a kitty to us, but I do like the bowl set. I like your idea of using that can for her food. I keep Abby's food in a glass deco jar. Just because it's pet food doesn't mean we shouldn't make it pretty, right?

  5. That is so cute Erin! I love that bin, what a great idea. Our dog's corner is always so cramped and messy, I need to find better storage and bowls. :)

  6. I love that food bin! I really need to find something cute for my animals! Cute stripey bowls.


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