Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lovin Shabby Blogs!

When I first started blogging back in October, my sister, found this awesome site to get free blog backgrounds!  Shabby Blogs has the cutest templates I have ever seen!!!  I kinda wanted a little change and after playing around (several times) I finally settled on the one you see!!  It is called "Anthropologie!"  Cute name, right?  It is so easy and they have several other items to choose from as well.  I downloaded this cool blog header and then went to Picasa (which I downloaded for free) and wrote the text in the middle.  Super easy!  Everyone should download Picasa to their computer.  You can do all kinds of things to your pictures, like brighten and zoom, change the color, make it black and white, add fuzzy corners or sharpen the picture.  If I take a picture and it comes out a little dark, I know I can edit it and make it brighter!  Love it! 
But, here are a few templates that were in the running!

Can you tell I love flowers?  And, there seems to be a theme with the colors!  I guess I must really like the muted taupey gold colors.

They also have a great selection of holiday templates too.  I thought this one was really sweet for Valentine's Day.  So, if you are in a rut with the style of your blog, go check out Shabby Blogs.  I mean it's free, so why not play!?


  1. Love the new template! And, Picasa is a must!!

  2. I discovered templates for blogs too and couldn't decide what to use first! Was so exciting!! Love what you chose :)

  3. love this one too...i have a thing for polka dots!

  4. how did you get the background pasted in the right spot so it worked on your site? I'm doing a site for my family since we are always moving around with the military and I found the same website but having problems under the content section of the HTML tab....any help? LOVE the picture of your house! Absolutely beautiful!


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