Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seaside Pictures

Doing this post made me sooo want to go back to Seaside!  We had such a relaxing time with nothing to do but take naps and look at the ocean.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

The family at the best seafood hole in the wall EVER!!!

Megan driving the golf cart on our first outing of the town of Seaside


This is the downtown shopping district.  So many restaurants and shops.  

Oh my heavenly goodness!  Isn't this tree gorgeous?

A beautiful home right in the middle of the square.  Such a pretty porch

This church was beautiful!

My mother and sweet Kailey

Kailey and I having lunch.  There honestly wasn't a bad place to eat in this town!

Look at this catfish and fried whole okra!!  It just melted in your mouth

Day at the beach

Momma and I wearing our polka dots!
My sister will kill me!  But, how could I not show off that baby bump?  She looked too cute!
This was the cutest and smallest Post Office I think I've ever seen!
Hope you all have a blessed week!


  1. Loved seeing your blog pop up on my reader.

  2. Makes me want to go back on vacation. Seaside looks so laid back and nice. So glad your blogging again your house always inspired me to work on my own. Jennifer

  3. Erin,

    I have e-mailed you asking information about where you and your family stayed when you went to Seaside. I was curious to know the name of the house. I've been searching VRBO, for two years. I have yet to receive an e-mail back, and have noticed you have been updating your blog. I thought that maybe this would be an easier way to go about asking.

    Glad to see you're back blogging- Congrats on the new house!

  4. That looks like a "to die for" vacation. Your pics make me want to plan a trip of my own ;-). Thanks for sharing! Hopefully you post before Xmas. I'd love to see what you have in store for the holidays.

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  7. Erin where do y'all stay when you go to Seaside? We normally go to Peridido Key but have thought about venturing a tad further down.

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