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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It's time for What I Wore Wednesday and I'm linking up with

Going to get my hair done!!!

Bronze shoes ~ Clarks
Jean Capris ~ Canton ?
Slate Blue shirt ~ Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace ~ Groovy's
Earrings ~ Target

I love this shirt!!!  It blouses at the waist, so it hides any unwanted muffin top!!
I should take stock in these shirts!!

Hope you're having an awesome week!!!  I've had a wonderful week so far!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I hit Thirty Seven!!! 

It looks better when you spell it out, doesn't it?  Inside, I still feel 20!  That's good, right!!?
I'm in school with such young girls, they all make me feel young and carefree again!
Here's to feeling young!!!



  1. Cute shirt and let me tell you, you certainly do not look 37 :)

  2. Happy birthday! And ditto on the not looking your age;)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. im 41 and still feel 20. my daughters are 23 and 21 and we hang out like girlfriends. not in a weird way more like they pursue me. ha! i was a young serious mother so now its fun time for me. sort of.... :&
    anyway, happy birthday, no matter the age you should always celebrate.. i mean think of the alternative? lol

  5. Wow, just came across your blog...you're beautiful! :)


  6. Happy late birthday, you are only as old as you feel ;) You look amazing and not a day over 20 :) I have a black shirt like that one, and I always wear it when I don't feel like sucking it in all day ;) Love your style :) Glad I found your blog.

  7. Hsppy Birthday to you! HOpe it was a great day!

  8. I agree top that hide the muffin, are geniuos!!

    Happy Birthday to you, we are the same age!!

  9. Happy Birthday! You look great girlie! I will be 38 in August. It's crazy how that happens...I don't feel a day over 25!

  10. Happy Birthday, Erin! You look beautiful!

  11. Happy Belated birthday Erin..you look cute, and you certainly do not have muffin top!


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